Solitaire-7 is a collection of full customizable solitaire card games
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Solitaire-7 is a collection of full customizable solitaire card games. It includes 63 of one and two pack solitaire card games. The program can be personalized in every way from the background to the looks of the cards. More so, users can create their own games using the program’s script language.

As said before it is customizable, anyone can set the background they like; change the picture on the back of the cards, disable the shadow, change the size of the cards and the color of the border of the card.

This version has improved graphics; it used to look as bad as the old Windows solitaire game. The cards have been redesigned and have better effects in shadow, color, texture and the borders. Additionally 50 of the games included were recently added to spice up the gameplay and deliver more fun to the players.

It’s a great game since users can find so many solitaire games in one place, however it could include music or let users add music from within the program. Still, it is a great economic choice to play cards!

Max Santillana
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  • 63 solitaire games in one
  • Totally Customizable
  • Design your own games


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